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Exclusive Interview: Italy's Enzo Ponzio

Ciao amici di Italia!!

He's been into music since 1991 in Sicily, where he started as a DJ. Then, moved to Milan when he released his first collaborative project in "Scenario Music" called Sopra La Soglia.
He has also worked in radio for a german station named Radio 42: The Blue Set..
With this phenomenal background, we have Scicilia's Enzo Ponzio, interviewed and revealing some interesting things to us..

Exclusive Interview: Enzo Ponzio

First thing coming to your mind when you listen the word México...

Sun, Beach, good times and Tequila.

Have you ever been in México?

Not yet but I hope to come as soon as possible maybe to play!

Why are you a musician?

To express myself.

Three words best describing you ?

A dreamer, motivated and Dj.

Any gadgets you're in love with?

I'm in love to technology applied to sound.

Any music in your iPod for daily activities or for your car?

Funky, Disco, Nudisco, Jazz and all music that gives me emotions and inpiration. Naturally all my productions.

What's the concept of music for you?

Freedom of expression, art, emotion, to be able to trasmit your thoughts and lifestyle to many people as possible. It means communication and is a universal language.

Is music relevant for humanity? Describe

Unfortunately I'm not sure about that.

"Freedom of expression, art, emotion, to be able to trasmit your thoughts and lifestyle to many people as possible. It means communication and is a universal language" Enzo says about Music.

What advice should you have taken, but did not ?

I'm happy this way, even if there is too many things to do yet!

Nowadays, Are music and internet related strongly? Is this good for music? Why?

Definately, Internet gives your the chance to get in touch with many kind of music and often with the artists themselves. Even without any intermediate. The internet is slowly destroying the unjustified powers of many labels giving to everyone the possibility to express and promote themselves.

How has internet changed the way you work?

Today I could not work! Internet has changed dramatically the way I work. Creating new collaborations, today we can have a bass track played in the US, the voice recorded in Australia and all of it assembled in Italy. This is just amazing!

Anything you collect?

Records and vintage sounds

What is your worst addiction ?

Cigarretes and Kindness

Any colaborations as for now?

Many collaborations with many different artists. This year I have worked a lot as a remixer for artists such as James Curd (DFA) and Billy Bogus (Bearfunk)

We recently discover you're working in the studio, what are you working on?

I'm working on various productions of mine on which I'll keep you updated. The first one is expected to be released in two weeks, from now, on Pizzico Records, a label to which I ought much!

Anywho you would like to work with?

Well, there are many artists I would like to work with. From Lindstrom to WhoMadeWho and many more...

Any aditional info you would like to share with our readers will be more than welcome....

A lot of new things coming soon. Stay Tuned!

Thanks a lot to Enzo and as he says: Stay Tuned!

Exclusive Enzo Ponzio Dj Set for Juan Sinmiedo:

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