martes, septiembre 28

Style Of Eye

Style Of Eye, the amazing swedish producer (he was voted the best Dj and producer in his country), hits back with his new EP called "Homeless". It has been released on Fool's Gold Label and it has several interesting remixes.

The crew interviewed Style Of Eye so If you interested here's the link

Here you can check one of the "Homeless" Remixes (Even better: download it!) and there's also a Mix with some of his new tracks...There You GO!

Duck Sauce – Barbra Streisand
Sky Ferreira – One (Style Of Eye Remix)
Style Of Eye & Slagsmålsklubben – Homeless
Mom & Dad – Judas (Dem Slackers Remix)
The Martin Brothers – Steal Drums (Riva Starr Remix)
Midnight Magic – Beam Me Up (Jaques Renault Remix)
MVSVM – French Jeans (Style Of Eye Remix)
Tony Senghore – Burnin’

Culoe de Song

Emmanuel Jal

viernes, septiembre 24

Mustang The Band

Para este fin de semana, ya entrado, por qué no regalar dos funky "edits" de la Banda Belga Mustang? Ya los conocen??

Pues Mustang está formado por Dj Renaud Deru a.k.a Cosy Mozzy y Andy Faisca. Estos dos pruductores tienen una gran fascinación por el italo-disco/House/ y Pop. Ellos han remixeado a Poni Hoax (una de mis banda favoritas, por cierto), Vitalic, Ghinzu, etc... Ahora es común encontrarlos en la nueva "cueva" propiedad de Renaud, que lleva por nombre Libertine Support. Lugar de buenisimas fiestas en Bélgica..

Y hablando ya de los tracks el primero es de Duran Duran y su rola Wild Boys. El segundo regalito es de Barclay James Harvest y su rola Love On The Line...

Así pues, dénle!!

jueves, septiembre 23

Magic Tape Three

Stephen Fasano "The Magician" delivers his third Mixtape. This mixtape includes his first remix as The Magician...lets wait and listen... :)

martes, septiembre 14


Headman is Robi Insina...
He is based in Berlin and Switzerland...
He runs the amazing Relish Recordings label...
He is a Dj/Producer..
As his biography says: he has a "unique blend of house/pop/disco/rock..."
He has remixed Franz Ferdinand Gossip, The Invisible, Roxy Music...
He released his debut album "It Rough" in 2003 in Gomma Records...
1923 is his last album released in Relish Recordings...

You can click on HEADMAN'S site and his MySpace

Anywho, here are 2 great tracks from the main man Headman himself.
Best Thing: YOU CAN DOWNLOAD'EM !!! (256 kbps)

Superstar Video

domingo, septiembre 5

LTJ Xperience

Stay Free mix from Italy's Luca Trevisi is a slow and sexy trip. It comes with some unreleased nice tracks and some from Super Value Edits Vol. 11...
Sit down and chill...
Nice headphones recommended!

 Stay Free Mx by ltj xperience

Dharma Man

Super rica rola de la disquera Tigersush...