jueves, diciembre 9

Nightshift Mix

As, Adrian himself wrote " Another slapdash blend of some Touchsoul favourites mixed by Adrian, for about 45 mins of earlug plesure....

We already interviewed Touchsoul and If you didn't get him, I said you click here to check our interview...
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Touchsoul's NightShift Mix by touchsoul

1. Kashif - Help Yourself To My Love (The Revenge Mix)
2. Nicholas - Feels Like
3. SDC - You Know How I Feel
4. JPSource - Shakey Ground (Edit)
5. PPF - Why Can't I Stop?
6. Nicholas - Sunshine and Rain
7. Max Essa - One Hundred Times
8. Julien Jabre & MC Mellodee - ANd U Don't Stop (SDC Rework)
9. David Bowie - Let's Dance (Sloppy Seconds Serious Moonlight Edit)
10 Midnight Savari - Rimshots

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