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Phonique Feat. Louie Austen - Endless Love

Phonique Feat. Louie Austen - Endless Love by nodoo rostomashvilii

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Blinky™ from Ruairi Robinson on Vimeo.

Black Magic Records

Black Magic Records is an Independent Record Label  based in Italy and was created in 2010 by Dj/Producer and friend of us: Enzo Ponzio (We already had a nice little interview with Mr. Ponzio so you can check it here )

The aim of the label is finding new sonorities within the field of nudisco and cosmic without leaving aside deep and dark influences.

Vintage Drum machines, deep and dark Bassline, spiced up with funky and disco.
Could all this be called BlackDisco?

The Black Magic crew had just released their first EP and it's by the amazing Simone Fedi. The Ep is called Groove On. It is already on the bags of many well respected DJ's / Producers such as Aeroplane, Diskjokke, Rodion , Cosmo Vitelli, Discodromo, and the Juan Sinmiedo crew!

Groove On (Out Of City Remix) comes within the EP and we think it is great! So we are featuring the track!!

We hope you really dig into to it
If you like this track go and buy it right away!

Nicolas Jaar - Can't See What is Burning There (!K7)

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Sin duda alguna quién tiene talento, no obedece fronteras ni géneros, solo impregna el talento en sus composiciones y creaciones: hablo de Daniel Victor Snaith o también conocido como Monitoba o como Caribou o recientemente también como Daphni. Y por alguna razón pienso: qué demonios tiene este tipo en la cabeza???  Todo lo que hace es muuuuy bueno. Ni como negarlo porque acaba de lanzar uno de los disco mas hablados, alabados, comentados y premiados del 2010 : Swim

Pero hoy hablaré de Daphni: su nuevo proyecto...pero que digo proyecto, proyectazo...

La rola: Mapfumo y sale a la luz en la disquera de vinilos llamada Resista....irresistible...

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Exclusive Interview :The Funky Vinyl Junky: Splattermonkey

Yes people, there are still very good Vinyl Dj's around there. Maybe they should be called Vinyl Junkies!

As our close funky friend: Splattermonkey.This time we decided to Interview canadian friend who has been so active in the Toronto area. He has been active for 8 years, holds the "Shindig" party in the Italian neighbourhood on Toronto. He is also the guest in a weekly funky party called "Pass The Butter". And if this is not enough he co hosts a radio Show, BruckBeat Radio" on Monday evenings on CKLN 88.1 Ryerson University...Oh and I almost forgot: he can spin ska, reggae, afro beat, tropicalia, hip hop, funky breaks, house, electro house, booty house, deep house, future funk and soul, broken beat, drum and bass, jungle and dubstep...

Exclusive Interview: SPLATTERMONKEY

1. Why Splattermonkey??
Thought it sounded cool and suited my personality.

2. How did you come up with Splattermonkey?
The name came from a painting that a friend made for me as a gift. I started collecting things with images of monkeys and apes on them when I was in High School. Back then I was calling myself "Monkey Boy" My friend splattered paint all over a canvas and made it into an image of a monkey and gave it to me as a gift. I called the painting my "Splattermonkey" painting. One day I was sitting in my room trying to think of a good DJ name because the ones I had previously chosen were either already taken or they sounded lame. I looked up at my painting and it hit me. Splattermonkey was born.

3. How's the Bruckbeat radio show doing?
The show's doing well. We're currently having problems with our broadcast licence at CKLN 88.1 fm because of a "non compliance" issue with the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission, but Bruckbeat Radio will continue as long as people are listening and people are still making great music for us to play.

4. Have you ever Dj outside Canada? Where?
No. I've never played outside of Canada. I've only played in cities in my own province of Ontario. I've tried to set up gigs in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States and in London, England but my contacts there never came through with anything. So, I just ended up buying all their records

"I found that aggressive underground music seems to be more popular in desperate economic times. During the recession in the early 1990s, bands like Nirvana and Soundgarden were very popular. When the economy started to come back, bands like the Backstreet Boys and Nsync were very popular"

5. We know from your Facebook profile, you studied at Off Centre DJ School. Can you describe your time a this Centre?
Off Centre DJ School is a School for DJs run by Toronto's DJ Steptone of iNSiDEaMiND. iNSiDEaMiND is a turntable band from Toronto who specialize in improvised music composition. DJ Steptone taught me "scratch" theory and technique in a "one on one" tutorial environment. Steptone is a great teacher and can teach anyone from all skill levels. I personally went there to learn how to scratch better because I felt I already had all the other DJ skills like "beat matching" "mixing" and staying in "key." Steptone teaches every skill that DJs need to learn but I went there specifically to learn how to "scratch."

6. When and how did you fall in love with music?
I've been in love with music my whole life. When I was a baby my mother used to put me in a playpen in our living room beside the family stereo and play music constantly either from records or 8-Track Cassettes or FM radio. I would just play and listen. The music was very soothing to me as a baby and I've always had to have music on ever since. My earliest childhood memory is falling asleep to "Family Affair" by Sly and The Family Stone. Funky music has always been my favorite.

7. Can you tell us a little bit about the music scene in Toronto??
Toronto has an amazing music scene. There are hundreds of amazingly talented musicians, bands, singers, producers, songwriters and DJs playing all kinds of different sounds from all over the world. My only complaints about the music scene in Toronto is that it seems that the talent has to be recognized by people outside of the country in order for people in Toronto to realize that they are really good. Although that kind of attitude is not as popular as it used to be. Torontonians are starting to wake up and support local talent more and more in the last few years and it is creating more unity and a sense of community among the musicians and Djs who live and perform here. My other complaint is that a lot of people in this city don't seem to want to go out and see a performance until about midnight. I've been to cities like Paris and London and I've seen parties going strong as early as 9:30 p.m. but in Toronto, people don't show up until after midnight and the bars stop serving alcohol at 2 a.m. and they want to shut the party down at 3 a.m. That only gives us three hours to have a good time. We still have some "after hours" clubs but  not many. The Police do a very good job at shutting these kind of parties down.

8. What is your greatest fear?
A world without music. Rape and Torture.

9. What advice you should have taken but did not?
Start using a laptop to DJ with.

10. Vinyl, Cd's ?? Can you tell us your thoughts on laptor DJ's..??
99.9% Vinyl. I sometimes use CDs if I want to play a song that I haven't found on vinyl but for me part of the fun in being a DJ is the thrill of the hunt and the excitement I feel when I find a song on vinyl. I have nothing against Laptop DJs as long as they use high quality MP3s and use the software to create a unique dance floor vibe. There is nothing more boring than a lazy DJ who pays no attention to the crowd and pre-mix or pre-BPM all of their music. Low quality MP3s sound like the music was recorded in a tin can. No highs and no bass. Part of the fun in going out to dance is hearing good quality music and the creative ways DJs put different types of songs together to keep the party rocking.

11. Do you think music should be free? Why or Why not....
Ideally, I'd like to see us evolve to society that no longer has any use for a monetary system but since that isn't happening any time soon, I don't think music should be free. I pay for most of my records and I feel good about it. Artists deserve to be paid for their work like everyone else. Sometimes I get free records from labels who feel that I could give the artist good exposure on the radio show or my podcast but I always make sure to tell people where they can buy the record or pay to download the MP3s.

12. How has Facebook / Internet help in your Dj career?
Facebook and the internet has helped my DJ career immensely. I started DJing before MySpace, and my e-mail contact list was small. I used to stand outside parties and hand out flyers and put up posters all over the city. This was very time consuming and all I wanted to do was stay home and practice my sets and listen to records. When MySpace and then Facebook came out, I was able to connect with like-minded people easier and get the word out about my parties and gigs without having to leave my house. I also started my podcast and gave people the opportunity to listen to the type of music I played. A poster and a flyer can only do so much, but if you send someone a mix, they can really get a sense of what the party is all about.

13. In your pesonal opinion, how is music related in human history/culture?
I found that aggressive underground music seems to be more popular in desperate economic times. During the recession in the early 1990s, bands like Nirvana and Soundgarden were very popular. When the economy started to come back, bands like the Backstreet Boys and Nsync were very popular. Recently, loud aggressive electronic music has been very popular and I can see a resurgence of Pop acts like Justin Beiber and Michael Buble becoming more popular if things start to bounce back. That's what I've observed in my time. Music has always reflected the social economic situation in lyrical content as well as the types of sounds being played. Music affects mood and mood dictates the types of sounds that you feel like playing.
Culturally, musical style is very important. As a Canadian I find that I have a choice in the kind of culture, I want to be a part of. I chose Hip Hop for the longest time but as I got older I found myself being drawn more and more to the culture of the 1970s and the 1960s and now, more recently, I find myself being drawn more to the culture of the 1950s. The clothes I wear and the way I speak all relates to the type of music I listen to. I'm really into Rockin' Rhythm &;Blues from the late 1950s right now. Ya' dig?

Very many thanx to Splattermonley for this Interview

Juan Sinmiedo

So can we get funky now?  YES! Here is the special Mix Splattermonkey cooked specially for Juan Sinmiedo:

And one more thing, If you really dig Splattermonkey as we do, then you should definetely check his podcast >>> Splattermonkey Podcast

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Metronomy - The Look

Hola gente!

El nuevo disco de Metronomy está por salir a la venta y acá en Juan Sinmiedo estamos con muchas ganas de escucharlo.

Por lo pronto acá el video de su track The Look

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Exclusive Interview: Young Master Of Melody Songs: Rocco Raimundo

The prodigal son of funk: Rocco Raimundo this time on Juan Sinmiedo! And we're not kiddin ya....

Spending his early years in France, Bordeaux, Raimundo is the result of putting together disco, funk, love melodies and stage worthy orchestral compositions...

Exclusive Interview: Son Of Funk Rocco Raimundo:

1. Who is Rocco Raimundo and how would you define your productions/music?

Rocco Raimundo is the idea of a total disco maestro, conceived last year in the hope of contributing and maintaining todays disco/funk sound. I don't actually know how I would define my sound to date, its hard to specify a unique sound when it comes to edits, my aim is to basically create a unique sound that people cant resist partying/making love to. (ha ha)...

2.  Edits...Why edits?

Why edits you ask? Well, I guess it's all about bringing back classics. I love the idea of finding or coming across a total jam and giving it a unique feel, but at the same time staying true to the original. 

3. What is Pollo Erotico? Why Pollo Erotico?

Pollo Erotico is a blog. It's run by my partner in crime, Bennie Del Rio and I. We chose the name Pollo Erotico because its got that sleazy feel, and plus, it just sounded cool and fit with the theme we were aiming for!  We've had guestmixes by guys like Gazeebo, Drop Out Orchestra and The C90s and we have some new exciting ones coming up in the near future. We're also looking to make the transition and turn Pollo Erotico into a record label, so stay tuned!

4. What kind of musical background do you have?

While growing up, I was barely ever playing instruments etc. I think its more so the infatuation of music that gets to me. I am however getting the hang of playing with keys etc, and also eager to learn how to play bass/guitar.

5. What drove your attention into disco?

Good question, I guess i've loved it ever since I first heard it. When I was a little younger and partying constantly, I was really into generic dance music & techno, and I guess when I first started listening to disco, it was a kind of 'love at first sight' feeling, almost an obsession if you will.

6.  Can you describe the music scene in Monaco...


7. As in your Soundcloud profile says: "...young Rocco spent his childhood running amongst the vineyards of Bordeaux..." Tell us what is your happiest memory from back then...

It was all one happy memory, you can't get much better then cruising around vineyards with Cerrone on repeat.

8. We noticed you're getting ready to perform Dj Sets...What exactly do you have in mind? Any special idea bubbling in your mind??

No ideas yet really, just going to go with the flow & accept whatever gigs come my way. Basically going to be strictly disco/funk.....Anything with a party vibe

9. Musically speaking who would you like to work with?

I'd love to work with the Disco Deviance crew, my edit of 'Dreams' by Fleetwood Mac is due to be released on 12" vinyl on Disco Deviance's Tribute Series in early April.

10. Do you have any favourite label?

Favourite labels would have to be Permanent Vacation, Editainment, Disco Deviance and Dikso.

11. Your greatest fear...?

Disco becoming extinct.

12. Your heroes in real life...?


13. Champagne? Whisky? A joint? or a beer? to party like a bastard....

All of the above.

14. What do you expect of this year- 2011?

My debut 12" vinyl, a couple of new EP's, DJing and the beginning of our own Label.

And two more little things:

First you can receive some love treatment for your ears. A nice lovely mix from Rocco:

Rocco Raimundo - Ridin' With Rocco Vol. 1 by Rocco Raimundo

Second: here you can download, YES DOWNLOAD, a nice edit...GRAB IT >>>>

Mustang MIxtape

Hey beat suckers!

Here's a really good one!!!

Take this or at leats die trying it!

MUSTANG MARCH 11 MIXTAPE by Mustang (Official)

The Aikiu

New video for great track Red Kiss

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Turn Me On-Rocco Raimundo

Hey fellas!

Check this super funky edit from Rocco Raimundo! It's awesome:

Rocco Raimundo - Turn Me On by Rocco Raimundo

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Hannulelauri - More

Back in the days...

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El burro que daba la hora

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JR Seaton - The Grey Flower

Hello people!

And as we said before, Relish Recordings is stepping big for this 2011...

JR Seaton is about to release the first of three EP's during this year on Relish Recordings . His first one is "The Grey Flower". The whole super nice pack is going to be available on March 11th.  The EP is formed by 3 tracks plus a remix by funky Gatto Fritto on tropical summer track "Way Savvy"....We think this release is great because it comes with some great collaborations within it....BRASSICA

"Three new tracks to begin a trio of eps from JR Seaton on Relish this year. Each track here sets out to make the familiar a little more beautiful, and a touch more exciting. Lastly space is given to Gatto Fritto to remake one of his favourite tracks of recent times – Way Savvy – into a tense, epic slo-jam ahead of his highly anticipated album on International Feel.
In Your Mask I See a Better Person is a dancefloor reflection on new relationships. Using a Jupiter 4 and 808 to punch out a stripped House skeleton that blossoms halfway into gurgling drama. Dance Out Doubt is subtle Chicago melancholy. A fragile vocal on surviving elsewhere – ‘we can build our roads again / we’ve got the tools, we’ve got the acumen’ – and analogue dust shuts out the light, making way for the final track.
Way Savvy cuts the introspection and unfurls its wings as a soaring live cut, featuring drums (Milo Smee; Binary Chaffinch), bass (Mike Wright; Brassica), clarinet and swansong vocals. The Grey Flower is a stunning record that mixes the sumptuous with the unexpected, offering an alternate, exuberant vision of a world we know so well"

As for us here in Juan Sinmiedo, the one I like the most is "Way Savvy" which is a perfect summer anthem.  Kinda tropical, kinda funky, kinda perfect. I must say that I'm in love with those "sutil" vocals...

Soooo, we have a gift:  Relish is providing you stoners this free download:

In Your Mask (Strip 4 Drumstix) - JR Seaton

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Favor de ver en FullScreen. De preferencia no sobrio ;)

Civilization by Marco Brambilla from CRUSH on Vimeo.

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Soul Clap

Soul Clap - Essential Mix - 05-03-2011 by R_co

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Hola gente!

Para hoy tenemos este gran set directo desde España: Jazzaroma y sus cálida selección de tracks: Jazz, Latin Jazz, Nu Jazz, Dance Jazz.....al grano: pa los amantes del Jazz!

Si les late este set acá les dejamos su sitio en Official FM donde pueden escuchar mucha mas música y sets : Jazzaroma

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grandpa techno

just sayin....

pa todos los forevers....