jueves, diciembre 10

Mario Basanov

Hello people!

This time to post the kind of music I enjoy the most!
Future Classic Record Lebel delivers an exceptional material by Mario Basanov!
It includes remixes by, nothing more and nothing less, Downtown Party Network, 6th Borough Project, Craig Smith + The Revenge..to name some.

" The fourth and final installment in Future Classic’s Aprés vinyl series, dedicated to its weekly Sunday afternoon sessions of the same name that has hosted guests including Brennan Green, Joakim, Mock & Toof, Lovefingers, Aeroplane, Canyons, Jamie Lloyd, Padded Cell, Idjut Boys, Foolish Felix, Todd Terje, Sidwho?, Loin Brothers, Jazzanova, Karsten John, Jimi Polar, Marcus Worgull, The Revenge, Yam Who?, Peret Mako, Arto Mwambé, Move D, Roland Appel, Dave Aju, Trus' Me, Jacques Renault, Will Saul & Woolfy to name a few with residents Nathan McLay & Chad Gillard "


Aprés 4 by future classic

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