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Exclusive Interview: Villa

Villa--> A nostalgic yet timeless image of suntanned bodies in skimpy but stylish garments, dancing from dusk till dawn on vermillion beaches or swaying elegantly around pristine swimming pools adorning marble terraces that speck glowing Balearic hills?
Well, Fredo,Thang & Seba are Villa. Belguim based producers which came to our attention beacause of their fresh sound. A unique sound which transmits good vibes and makes you dance!

Get to know more about Villa in the Interview we had with them:

Juan Sinimedo Exclusive Interview: Villa

First thing coming to your mind when listening the word México...
Tasty food in flashing colors, Belgian national football team ending up in the semifinals during world cup in 1986.

Have you guys ever been in México?
New México, USA is the closest we've got.

Why are you guys musicians?
It is not a choice without any particular motivation. It just happened. Music is just the greatest way to waste time

Three word describing you...
That's hard. Maybe our girlfriends could answer this better than us, but sexy, contentfull and "in your face" should quite wrap it up.

Any gadgets you're in love with?
PS3, soon the iPad, no matter what they say about it. AKAI KCF1 is one of the all time favourites.

Any music in your iPod for your daily activites?
On the iPods we listen to anything from The Alan Parson Project & Vangelis to Gorillaz and Hot Chip. Also much lovin' the Desert Session, stoner rockbands sucha as Kyuss, Unida, Slo Burn...

Do you guys have a musical background?
If it is professional/eduactional background you mean, then no. But we do have a common interest in music and we've been building up experiences on the floor and in the studio over the past 10 years. So, yes!

Talking about a Villa Dj Set, do you guys prepare it or you just simply start mixing?
Of course you prepare your set a bit. But we believe a Dj should look a the room and the audience and the sound system before he starts playing. It is also important to listen what the Dj before you is doing. From there it is a journey you cannot predict.

What advice should you have taken, but did not?
Seba should have done his drivers licence.
Thang should have learned how to moonwalk.
Fredo should have worn his Raybans when he got married in Vegas.

Nowadays, are music and internet related strongly? Is this good for music? Why?
Yes and No
From a Dj perspective, yes because it's much easier to track something down, and you'll find it in a split second. People love to share music, which is cool. No, because there's also lots of bad music around; or music in bad quality, the sound you hear at parties are MP3 quality and no longer the warm sound of vinyl. Unfortunately most of the time we also play with CD's because of the practical aspect (though some of those tracks are luckily cought from vinyl).
From a music making point of view; yes, again people can find your music a lot faster. It gets spread and starts living it's own life. No because you can imagine with everything so accesable, only few people tend to pay for the music we've invested in and been working hard on. The knife cuts both ways. All in all, you don't hear us complain.

How has internet changed the way you work?
We don't have the time to go crate digging for hours. Luckily enough, you can do great discoveries on the internet nowadays. Youtube + Discogs is a dangerous place to spend too muchtime and money!

Anything you collect?
Any kind of synths! From fleamarket discoveries to vintage classics...

Best party you'be been to..?
Diesel party in Antwerp and the Eskimo parties...

What is your worst addiction?
Female attention...

Who are your favorite heroes in real life?
Vangelis, Bear Grills and Michelangelo.

You've been receiving support from the likes of Aeroplane. Are you guys good friends?
We met the gusy from Aeroplane about three years ago. They were resident in the same club as we were: Make Up Club, Ghent, Belgium. So we share a similar musical background and sound. It was already clear that they were very talented. We meet up with the guys from time to time in smokey backstage rooms.

What are you expecting from 2010?
We have done lots of remixes the past few months, most of them still have to come out. We're looking forward how they will do on the dancefloors. You can also expect a Villa EP quite soon. But we can't really say a lot about that exept from the fact it will drop on one of our favourite labels. We have a few more tricks up our sleeves for 2010. And of course we're gonna Dj a lot - maybe in México?

Any colaborations as for now?
It's hard to reveal everything yet, but we are working on some special things with The Aikiu from Paris and Primary1 From London. Both are very talented guys whose name you should remember for 2010.

Anywho you would like to work with?
There are a few peeps out there we'd like to share the studio with. Like the Belgian nad Goose or Anthony from Anthony And The Johnsons. We'd all praise the lord for a session with Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock or Rick Rubin..

Thanx a lot to Villa & Dirk From Smile Mgmt!

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