martes, marzo 30

Alex WIlson


Just to share this amazin edit from master The Revenge!
Give it a try!

Alex Wilson : Ain't Nobody (The Revenge Edit) by The Revenge

LCD Soundsystem

Hola Gente!

LCD Soundsystem está de vuelta en ensayos, y preparando su nuevo disco. Esto es algo que me tiene contento porque su pasado disco me encanta. Sonidos disco, funk, post-punk fue una delicia. Así, pues espero con ansias su nuevo material: This Is Happening!
Al parecer la banda ya tiene fechas en Reino Unido y actualmente detalla su gira y su disco para salir a la luz pública.

He aquí un adelanto de la portada del Sr. Murphy:

Qué expectativas tengo?? Bueno, pues algo muy alegre así como la portada...el mismo James Murphy Bailando!!!

martes, marzo 23

Hivern Discs 006

Hello people!!

Hivern Discs' new forthcoming material sounds great! It's their 006 release and I think it's amazing. We already featured Pional here, and this time I would like to remark the amazing and trippy Pional's remix for Stainboy's Sparks.
You say!

Falling from Stainboy also comes on the HVN006. You should give it a try..

martes, marzo 16

El pais donde vivimos...

"esto, señ se vale"
ésta es la sociedad donde vivimos? esta es la clase de gente que nos rodea? así somos? así nos cataloga el resto del mundo? es ésta la imagen que exportamos? ésto somos a los ojos de gente con un gran talento? cuál es el objetivo de hacer algo así?

que tristeza....

acá el comunicado del marcin: el bajista

“dear mexican audience
….i am writing these few words to make one thing clear.
the show yesterday ended like that, because somebody stole erlend’s glasses.
that’s fucked up, but it does NOT mean the end of the world.
the show was almost at it’s end anyway, we were going to play maybe two more songs
so you didn’t really miss out on something amazing.
of course there was better ways to end the evening, but you have to know
erlend doesn’t see without glasses, and that’s why we couldn’t continue playing.
yes he was upset, but that’s not why we didn’t finish properly.
it’s just impossible to play, sing, dance and entertain people without seeing them.
let’s forget about this strange ending and try to remember the good time we had
and we had some good time.
we are going home now after 3 great weeks in your beautiful country and we will always come back, don’t worry
see you in a year or two
maybe coachella???

Sabado en Alquimia

Hola Gente!

Este próximo sábado 20 de Marzo estaremos Nesthorë y yo :) mezclando algunos beats en Alquimia Bar!

Eduardo Zavala dj Set ( Disco/ Nu Disco/ Funk/ House)
Nesthorë dj Set ( Indie Dance/ Nu Disco/ Electro House)

22:00 en 5 de Mayo No. 71 Centro Histórico, Qro!

Los esperamos para lograr una buena vacilada!!

Villa Vocal Remix


If you like this track and want to download it here's the link !

domingo, marzo 14

All we would like to do is Kiteboard

One image equals thousand words...

Happy sunday!

jueves, marzo 11

Two Gem Post


Today I want to share 2 tracks. Actually my mind has blown away everytime I listen to them.
6th Borough Project amazed my with these brutal strings and astonishing vocals. Slow dance blast!! only 83 BPM....
Will come out in "Instruments Of Rapture Part 5"

6th Borough Project : Slow Down Baby by The Revenge

Tensnake jammi' session posseses super vocals ...ideal for a sweet sex night!....a gem!!

miércoles, marzo 10


Hey all!

Directly from Spain, Javier López, Dj and Producer, just sent us his new production. It's called Sabroso and it's really fun!!!
The kind of fun Jazz that makes you dance!!
Keep it up Jazzaroma!!!

martes, marzo 9

One Off : One - People Of Earth

Hello people!!

This time I'm so excited. Excited to show this huge, amazing, fine, astonishing tune!!

Call it however you want (genre)....It's just amazing....It's kind of funkish, soulish, house....anyhow, trippy mother fucker!!!

This gem is coming out on Amp Art Records and will be released under no name.
Just to mention this track is unmastered ...

enjoy :)


Azari And III

Hello people!!

New video and track from Canadian duo: Azari & III.
If you haven't read the interview we had with them, I suggest you click here :)

lunes, marzo 8

Out Of A Forest

And then what?

Well, and what is coming on Wolf Music Records?

Pure disco butter...everything these guys put together (EP's) is sooo is a glimpse of what is coming..005 release!

WOLFEP005 Eddie C - My Woman (PBR Streetgang Remix) snippet by NYSoul

WOLFEP005 PBR Streetgang- Silas! Snippet by NYSoul

WOLFEP005 PBR Streetgang - Funny Money (Ilija Rudman Remix) Snippet by NYSoul


Hola Gente!

Hoy para recomendar una bandita que propone unos beats bien chidos y relajados.
De hecho, es su web está disponible descargar el EP que lleva por nombre CULTS y contiene tres tracks: 1) Go Outside 2) Most Wanted 3) The Curse

Acá la liga CULTS y tambien les dejo el reproductor pa que se calen..


viernes, marzo 5

Technicolors Fabrics

Hola Banda!!

Pues pa' compartir este video de esta banda mexicana que le abrirá nada mas y nada menos que a The Whitest Boy Alive este próximo 13 de Marzo en Dfectuoso...

Alquien ya tiene boletos? Nos vemos allá?


martes, marzo 2

The Avalanches

Here´s a hilarious video from this OZ based band called The Avalanches. In order to produce their album “Since I left you” including this song, they used more than 3,500 vinyl samples.

The C90's

The C90's are some serious funky shit.!! I think we should keep an eye on this guys cuz' they are going to be big. I like their sound, the way they Dj and I believe they're working on their soon-to-be-released first album :)

"Formed over a mutual appreciation of disco beats, handclaps, cowbells, and vocoders, Jamie Paterson and Danny Ashenden are The C90s, two DJs who have rocked floors over the UK and Europe for the last two years. Based in London, the duo have been working hard, providing remixes for the likes of Cut Copy, Headman, Tronik Youth, Tape to Tape, Filthy Dukes, Nightriders, Roisin Murphy & Flight Facilities"

Here is a nice Mix from duo C90's..

Get nasty...

The C90s March Chart Mix by TheC90s


Una rolita de un gran Dj y Productor (Eskimo Recordings, Italians Do It Better y Bearfunk)

Bottin - Theme From "V" (Another Life form version) by bottin


Hola Gente!!

La recomendación es la siguiente:


"Una ves mas Whitney Moore (USA), Dany Beltran (USA), Josh Ca'ceres (Brasil), Ariel y Omar Torres (Mex) se unen para traernos todo el FUNK, BLUES y R&B que ponemos escuchar en una noche. No te lo pierdas!!!"


(Spowk se forma en la ciudad de Sn Miguel, 4 de sus 5 integrantes son parte de la reconocida banda Pilaseca. SPOWK trae al escenario excelentes reminiscencias del mas puro Funk, R& B y Blues, con la excelente interpretación de estos grandes músicos).

(Gracias Mónica por la invitación)