lunes, abril 26


Hey people!
I've personally followed Aeroplane since 2006. Their style at the decks has changed over the time and some people might like their new style. I personally like their Dj Sets from the past. The ones from 2 years ago, when the Belgian duo was more "underground", if I'm allowed to use this tag. But Aeroplane's (Vito + Stephen) productions skills and creativity leaves me with no word. It was Caramellas back in the days, Pacific Air Race Mix then and going all the way to "Paris"..
As now, they were selected to Mix the 500th Essential Mix. But I've to say that I am not a big fan of Essential Mix Radio Show. Neither Pete Tong, Sasha or Richie Hawtin.
Anywho, it's not a matter of getting selected among other possible mixer/producers. I think they earned the honour..
So, the Aeroplane is flying high, really lets keep our eyes open becasue their firts studio album will be released in September in Eskimo Recordings...

Aeroplane - 500th Essential Mix (Live from Circus Liverpool) by Aeroplane (Official)

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