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Exclusive Interview: Sunderland's Master of Reworks: Touchsoul

What if someone likes some really good oldies for dancefloor purposes? But I mean, 70's 80's or even 60's tracks..
Well, this time around, Adrian or also known as Touchsoul is making this kind of work. He fixes and structures groovy tracks for Dj ease and makes people dance.

From Sunderland, Britain, exclusive Interview for Juan Sinmiedo:

Sunderland's Master of Reworks:

Have you ever been in México?
Never been to Mexico unfortunately, not that worldly travelled!!!

How do you define TouchSoul?
Touchsoul came about a just over a year ago. My local night used to be called "SoulDeep" and a friend I DJ with had a night on called "Touch", so just fused it together when we started doing gigs, events and to put a name to the blog.

Besides your rework on some tracks, Do you produce your own stuff?
Apart from edits, I haven't had the opportunity or time to start my own, from scratch productions. But hopefully, later in the year I will be getting to grips with something to release in some way..

How would you define the current Disco musical movement ? Was Disco music gone for some time?
When I was younger I wasn't really turned on by 70's style disco, as in my mind, the genre was epitomized by the likes of Bee Gees, Ottawan, Carl Douglas, Saturday Night Fever, etc. But, you get older, you dig deeper, especially when your playing/Djing and find great work from that era from great artists in the disco mould. Although it's the more funkier, soulful cuts that do it for me, rather than the vocal, string laden stuff...

Can you talk about the musical background you had? Influences, music you heard since you were kids....
I was exposed to a variety of music from a young age, mainly because of my Dad and the fact he done part time in Hospital Radio in the late 70's and early 80's.
Anything from Ian Dury, Stevie Wonder, Boz Scaggs, Rolling Stones, Van Morrison was all filtered through. I got into Prince, big time, at an early age and that helped me discover a lot more artists I wasn't particularly aware of. Especially in the funk/soul genres. Around 1991, I was given a tape by an old friend containing a lot of Italian House stuff like Don Carlos and Last Rhythm etc, which flipped onto good house music.

We discovered your music through Souncloud. So, what can you tell us about Soundcloud?
Soundcloud has been a great way to self expose what you play, what your into and what your capable of putting out. Wether it be edits/reworks like what I do or own productions. There's a great little community on here of DJ's/producers, known or lesser known, puttting out great tracks and mixes. It seems to be be ever growing with fresh stuff.

Do you think music should be free? Why do you give away your reworks?
With a basic soundcloud account, the limitations on downloads is 100. So that suits me fine. Even if I had a premium, I would limit them at the same. It gives it chance to get a bit exposure on mixes or other blogs/sites. Some people may disagree with this, but as of now, although there has been a couple of labels interested, so far, this is my only outlet along with my blog.

As we get to know more about what you do, I can define your reworks as very very warm. Is this the way you would say you feel your music?
Yeah. Got to have a good groove. Got to be warm sounding...Not really into dark, sinister techno stuff. The music's got to move you inside too.

We know you are promoting disco/funk/boogie nights at your hometown known as TOUCHSOUL presents... how is this matter going?
Our own nights have been here and there over the last couple of years. We have one going at the moment at the Bud Lounge in Sunderland, England. But the town is very hard going. Most people like there pop/chart stuff served on a platter so we play to limited appreciators. But we have fun.

Who are your heroes in real life?
Heroes...My parents. Doug Stanhope (comedian) because he says what he thinks and does'nt give a shit. Music wise, too many too mention. Although, if I could have someone's talent, it would have to be Prince.

What is the most bizarre thing you have done?
Acid (LSD)...a long time ago.

What do you expect on this 2010?
To see the year out happy and hopefully get started working on some new stuff with Ableton.

What would be the last thing you do if the world ends in 2012?
Tell all my family and friends that I love them, then maybe go out with some music on.

What is the funniest/ridiculous thing someone have ever told you while playing records at a club/party?

Too many to mention. " Hey mate, have you got that song that goes Da Da Dah, Da Da Hah Dominator" or something to that effect. I seriously hate people who think that just because your a DJ, you're their own personal jukebox.

Thanks to Adrian for the interview.

So fellas, here's a little gift:

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