lunes, febrero 14


Hello people!

Another big and pleasant surprise in our inbox:  " toc toc: Relish Recordings callin' ...."

We think 2011 will be a very interesting year in terms of music!! Seriously!
The Relish Recordings crew and artists are starting 2011 with some serious funky releases! NO kiddin....

AURA DELTA EP from Hannulelauri, the finnish duo, is going to be released next February 18th on Relish Recordings. And I most tell you it is great!!  It has this tropical sound, fresh, perfect summer vibes!!

The title track kicks the E.P. into gear with a dancefloor number that brings a guitar and vibraphone into the contemporary disco setting... Well, no more shitty talking and lets get back to business...

Here's the EP tracks:

1. Aura Delta
2. More
3. Bananas

And  here you can download "Bananas" so can have an idea of the whole EP

And there is one more little thing!  Another great gift from Relish Recording's head : Headman!

Headman's track Voices (Hannulelauri Remix) is available as a free download!
So you can't say that today we're givin your the love treatment!!

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