martes, marzo 29

Black Magic Records

Black Magic Records is an Independent Record Label  based in Italy and was created in 2010 by Dj/Producer and friend of us: Enzo Ponzio (We already had a nice little interview with Mr. Ponzio so you can check it here )

The aim of the label is finding new sonorities within the field of nudisco and cosmic without leaving aside deep and dark influences.

Vintage Drum machines, deep and dark Bassline, spiced up with funky and disco.
Could all this be called BlackDisco?

The Black Magic crew had just released their first EP and it's by the amazing Simone Fedi. The Ep is called Groove On. It is already on the bags of many well respected DJ's / Producers such as Aeroplane, Diskjokke, Rodion , Cosmo Vitelli, Discodromo, and the Juan Sinmiedo crew!

Groove On (Out Of City Remix) comes within the EP and we think it is great! So we are featuring the track!!

We hope you really dig into to it
If you like this track go and buy it right away!

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