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Exclusive Interview// The Man Of The Fine Edits: Fingermanedit

What do we get when looking for fresh, cool, funky edits for CD-only Dj's??  Well, simple: Fingermanedit!

Gregg Holmes also known as Fingermanedit is doing an amazing work! He's re-editing some serious funky, super kick-ass tracks. And above all, some of them are available for us to download! But the Juan Sinmiedo crew is interested in the man behind these hot edits. These edits have been played in our gigs and might been recognized or not, but lets get back to business and talk about the finger on the decks.... (?...) or should I say the finger on the edits???   Well lets just say FINGERMANEDIT....

Who is Fingerman? How would you define yourself musically speaking?
Hullo. I'm Fingerman (Or Fingermanedit)... I was born in 1977 in Portsmouth Uk. Musically? Right now i'm feeling Disco-Funk and Deep House sounds... Overall tho I like many styles of music.
What kind of musical background do you have?
Not much to be honest. I've been surrounded by music since I was a kid. My parents were proper hippies... They were into Pink Floyd, Hendrix, Crosby Stills & Nash etc. I didnt really get into music until I was at college really though.
How and why did you started interesting in music?
Back in college I was a major Techno Head. Psy trance too. I can thank my sister for switching me on to music... I started Djing techno then house, breaks and other genres... The bass thing a few years ago was too much and I began buying funk records as myself and a friend had a residency in Brighton at a funk and jazz club.
Since when do you think disco became well rated? Why do you think this happened?
Disco is one of those genres of music that will never go away. It always raises a smile because its timeless.
How did you come up with the idea of sharing music with people on the internet? Why do you give you music away for free?
 Well... Because I'm just editing songs I don't think I should really charge for it... It started as a means to play out tracks I like and have them work in a dj set. When I actually start producing decent remixes and tracks maybe then I'll start charging people. Soundcloud has been a God-send to myself and many other producers in the scene.
Your profile on soundcloud is full of edit, re-edit and so on. Why? Are you planning to produce you own music?
I hope so yes! At the moment i'm still PC bound... when I get an Apple Mac later in the year I hope to start making my own tracks and remixes with better software. I'm luck to be surrounded by friends who also make music.
Do you think music should be free? Why or why not?
I don't think it should all be free. If there's anything that REALLY floats my boat then I'm happy to pay for it! Unfortunately most types of music these days is very disposable... Have you hear daytime UK radio these days? Shocking...! There's no way I'd pay for that! And by the way that the music industry is going at the moment, I'm not the only one who wouldn't pay for it either!
How's the musical scene around your hometown: Portsmouth? Describe...
Its not bad. Quite a-lot of big room house & techno nights. Dubsteps pretty big here too... mind you where isn't it in the UK? There's a blossoming Nu-Disco scene coming up thanks to the "COR" lot and guys like "The Night People"... The stalwart guys at "FUNKTIFINO" bang it out on a regular basis... Classic funk and disco gear... There's a distinct lack of decent venues however which is a shame. 
Describe a casual/normal day in your life...
I work full time which is crap! Haha! Other than that I just bum around with my Girlfriend and Cat and see my friends. My neighbour is one of my oldest friends which is cool. Most of the friends I grew up with are still here in Portsmouth.  

Can you talk about your production set up?
I'm an Ableton Man... I Dj with CDJ's... Old skool hands on feel innit. Thinking to getting into Serato at some point but I have a fobia of Laptops crashing mid set! :-S
Musically speaking who is your hero? Band or producer...
Hero for his taste in music - Greg Wilson. Fave band? Propbably The Super Furry Animals...
Favourite track? Favourite album?
Fave track? Lil Louis - French Kiss
Fave Album? Daft Punk - Homework
If you knew you were about to play your last set ever, which song or songs you must include?
Jesus thats a tough one! Nope... There are too many!

Your greatest fear??
Disco Edits crossing over to Daytime Radio? Hahaha... Not gonna happen so I have no fear really. Cheers!

 We thanks to Gregg for his time!

Here you can check his profile on Soundcloud

But we have a little gift for all of our readers: a super cool edit for you to download! And you can do it by clicking this link Nunk (Fingermandedit) - Warp 9 or you can download it directly on our Officialfm player

And one more thing: here you can listen to a nice and easy mix from the main man Fingermanedit. We hope you will enjoy as much as we do!

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