domingo, mayo 17

Betuel Arzate !!!

Scratching cd players since the age of 21, and getting knowledge by his own, Betuel Arzate started into electronic movement by mixing House and Progressive. •Playing at several parties in many states of Mexico, he owns a unique sound, combining the best of glam tracks, awesome mixes and nice atmospheres. •Being always a perfeccionist, helped little by little to evolve and purify his techinque; improving his style when mixing, he began doing a nice selection of tracks, by mixing deep house, tech house, and minimal techno.. which makes the perfect ambient. •With just a few years into the electronic scene, an amazing way to mix, a musical taste that glows and his determination to look out for fresh, nice, exciting music, he begans to produce his own, giving this glam and perfeccionist style that defines him, to his own track list. •A year later being the resident of "Maya" Resto-Bar in Queretaro, Qro. Betuel makes a selection of the most elegant beats, defining his style as glamorous, good tasted and unique. ...............

Betuel Arzate - Retornable Musik

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