viernes, enero 29

Mighty Mouse

Hello people!!!

It happens we got in our inbox this Daft Punk's cover. The Glamour gave Robot Rock's their touch. But London's Mighty Mouse gave it a funky/disco/pop/electro sense....How's about that???

Check it out!

miércoles, enero 27

El Club Bilderberg

Just want to share this nice track...hope you like it!

Wishing all a nice day!

martes, enero 26

Toomy Disco !

Hola gente!

Hoy tengo esta propuesta desde Argentina

Toomy Disco es Mariano Illuta y reside en Buenos Aires Argentina. Tiene 21 años y esta produciendo sus propios beats!

Yo les dí una escuchada a sus producciones y la verdá me gusto su onda y me gusto su Disco Light. A ver  que opinan...

Esta es la liga a su profile de Soundcloud por si quieren checar todo lo que hace: Toomy Disco

Toomy Disco - Rings of Saturn (Original Mix) by Toomy Disco

Toomy Disco - Disco Lights (Original Mix) by Toomy Disco

lunes, enero 25

Aeroplane Chart Mix!

Hello people.!!!

Today posting this great Aeroplane chart Mix..!!
We've already feature the Cecile & Venice - Rimmel video before, which is amazing I think! might go and check it out..

Aeroplane "Chart Mix" January 2010 by Aeroplane

domingo, enero 24

Juan Zamanillo/ 3 am

Desde la edad de 15 años se siente identificado con la música electrónica, es asi como empieza a despertar su curiosidad por esta musica interesado en grandes artistas de la escena tales como Sasha, John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo,Chris Fortier, Nick Warren,Jimmy Van M entre muchos otros, asi va creciendo y desarrollando un gusto musical muy particular. A la edad de 18 años comienza su carrera como Dj,dando su debut como telonero para Tini Tun en Vintage.A los 19 años decide emigrar a Barcelona,España y comienza su carrera como productor,ahora egresado
de SAE Institute,teniendo varias fechas en la playa de la marbella y en Torello, ha compartido cabina con djs internacionales como Marc Marzenit (España),Cesare vs. Disorder (Londres), Rodolfo Mello & Gui Raffi (Brazil),Danny Freeland (Hungria),Greenades (España),Richie Id (Colombia),Daniel Luis (Uruguay),Yulio (Chile) entre muchos otros.Actualmente se encuentra en la ciudad de Queretaro,México donde tambien a participado en varias residencias en clubes de la ciudad y en ciudades cercanas tales como leon (Studio) , San Miguel (Mint) etc. y junto a Marko Pasos deciden formar “3am collective” que comenzó el 19 de junio y cuenta con apoyo de djs nacionales e internacionales tales como Tini Tun,Daneel,Pablo Acenso,entre muchos otros mas.

Con solo 20 años de edad Juan Zamanillo a destacado entre los dj´s de su ciudad teniendo una buena proyección musical y talento dentro de la escena.

sábado, enero 23


Got a couple of videos for you...

A sweet one... (tasty!)

And a bitter one (shake you glow sticks!!)

jueves, enero 21

Exclusive Interview: Italy's Enzo Ponzio

Ciao amici di Italia!!

He's been into music since 1991 in Sicily, where he started as a DJ. Then, moved to Milan when he released his first collaborative project in "Scenario Music" called Sopra La Soglia.
He has also worked in radio for a german station named Radio 42: The Blue Set..
With this phenomenal background, we have Scicilia's Enzo Ponzio, interviewed and revealing some interesting things to us..

Exclusive Interview: Enzo Ponzio

First thing coming to your mind when you listen the word México...

Sun, Beach, good times and Tequila.

Have you ever been in México?

Not yet but I hope to come as soon as possible maybe to play!

Why are you a musician?

To express myself.

Three words best describing you ?

A dreamer, motivated and Dj.

Any gadgets you're in love with?

I'm in love to technology applied to sound.

Any music in your iPod for daily activities or for your car?

Funky, Disco, Nudisco, Jazz and all music that gives me emotions and inpiration. Naturally all my productions.

What's the concept of music for you?

Freedom of expression, art, emotion, to be able to trasmit your thoughts and lifestyle to many people as possible. It means communication and is a universal language.

Is music relevant for humanity? Describe

Unfortunately I'm not sure about that.

"Freedom of expression, art, emotion, to be able to trasmit your thoughts and lifestyle to many people as possible. It means communication and is a universal language" Enzo says about Music.

What advice should you have taken, but did not ?

I'm happy this way, even if there is too many things to do yet!

Nowadays, Are music and internet related strongly? Is this good for music? Why?

Definately, Internet gives your the chance to get in touch with many kind of music and often with the artists themselves. Even without any intermediate. The internet is slowly destroying the unjustified powers of many labels giving to everyone the possibility to express and promote themselves.

How has internet changed the way you work?

Today I could not work! Internet has changed dramatically the way I work. Creating new collaborations, today we can have a bass track played in the US, the voice recorded in Australia and all of it assembled in Italy. This is just amazing!

Anything you collect?

Records and vintage sounds

What is your worst addiction ?

Cigarretes and Kindness

Any colaborations as for now?

Many collaborations with many different artists. This year I have worked a lot as a remixer for artists such as James Curd (DFA) and Billy Bogus (Bearfunk)

We recently discover you're working in the studio, what are you working on?

I'm working on various productions of mine on which I'll keep you updated. The first one is expected to be released in two weeks, from now, on Pizzico Records, a label to which I ought much!

Anywho you would like to work with?

Well, there are many artists I would like to work with. From Lindstrom to WhoMadeWho and many more...

Any aditional info you would like to share with our readers will be more than welcome....

A lot of new things coming soon. Stay Tuned!

Thanks a lot to Enzo and as he says: Stay Tuned!

Exclusive Enzo Ponzio Dj Set for Juan Sinmiedo:

Allison Schulnick

martes, enero 19

NOZE live @ Klubdnicosia

Another personal favorite and also a very peculiar sound.

Modeselektor live @ Hollywood

These guys got a very unique style. Wish to see them live soon...


Mood 082

Hey People!!
Keep following MoodMusic. This time around with Mood 082 Phonogenic - Biden EP

Some nice Deep-Tech-House :

Mood-082 - Phonogenic - Biden EP by sasse

Is Love a risky business?

Has it happened to you? Sometimes you just want to reach someone but you find yourself fighting an ice wall…

lunes, enero 18

Soul Train

Gotta love this!
A quick trip to the 70´s. The real soul train line.

Gotta feel the rythm and forget about everything else; they teach me.
When you dance... Let go yourself.

Dance, Dance, Dance.

PD. Paper: Aquí tienes todo un nuevo repertorio de pasos. Te sugiero, vayas tomando notas. Lo considero, oro molido.

Un abrazo.

A bomb!

Good morning people!
Today is monday and I want to post this kick ass bomb!!!
It was released January 8, 2010 on tremendous Gomma Dance Track E.P. 2

Video footage is from 1966 Czech New Wave movie "Sedmikrasky" (a.k.a. Daisies) by Vera Chytilova.

viernes, enero 15

No Fear!

Concentration is definitely the key to conquer your fears. Ones you own yourself, you can do the impossible...

Dean Potter on Vimeo.

miércoles, enero 13

Tigersushi Records

Hi people..!!!
Just to share this new cool tracks from one of my favourite labels: Tigersushi Records..!!!



martes, enero 12


Medusa (plural medusae) is another word for jellyfish. Medusa is also the word for jellyfish in: Greek, Finnish, Portuguese, Romanian, Hebrew, Serbian, Croatian, Spanish, French, Italian, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Russian and Bulgarian.

lunes, enero 11

Juan Sinmiedo's first date

Certain day of winter time, Juan Sinmiedo got his first date. The name of his date is unknown. It was a very pretty girl with eyes shinning like stars, skin smooth as silk and a voice unique as the sound of the ocean.

They walked among beautiful old trees, colorful flowers and under the deep blue sky. People have said the couple seemed like having loads of fun together. There is very little known about what happened then.

Rumors say Juan Sinmiedo took the girl to his place. Inside, he already had a bottle of champagne and enough pot. The girl with eyes shinning like stars, skin smooth as silk and a
voice unique as the sound of the ocean vanished with Juan Sinmiedo. Nothing more is known about that night but they both listened 10 Km/ Hr...

Pictures: Mario Enrique Gonzalez 

viernes, enero 8

En Alquimia este sabado!

Hola Gente!!!
Este sábado 9 de enero estaré mezclando algunos beats ahi con los camaradas del Alquimia Bar. Nos vemos ahi en 5 de Mayo No. 71 a las 22.00!!

Saludos y que tengan todos un inicio de fin de semana a todo dar!


jueves, enero 7

Hivern Discs

Hey people!
Hivern is a small record label located in Barcelona, Spain. They released their first vinyl Ep named Sunshine from master John Talabot (twisted track by the way) and immediately went sold out.
In order to say bye-bye to 2009 and welcome 2010 properly d.a.r.y.l. put together this great mix which includes tracks from Pional, Stainboy, The Blondes, Mistakes are ok, Eim Ick, Kresy, John Talabot and Basic Soul Unit.

And talking about Mr. Talabot (whose music I'm in love with) his Wilderness Remix of Al Ushers' - Silverhum will be featured in the soon-to-be-released Ewan Pearson's - We Are Proud Of Our Choices Compilation + Mix on Kompakt

Here's the link to their Fairtilizaer profile if you want to go check them out: Hivern Discc

miércoles, enero 6


Something to think about...

martes, enero 5

y mejor póngase a bailar...

Hola gente!

El Sr. frío anda bárbaro. Pero ahi les van algunas polkitas y mejor póngase a bailar!

Siguiendo el estilo del paper, les dejo estas auditivas y melódicas delicias...

lunes, enero 4


Some times I feel like a moonboy...

viernes, enero 1


1)Boddhi Satva feat. Yuba Ayele ( Manoo dub mix ) 2)Culoe De Song - African Subway 3)Culoe De Song - The Bright Forest 4)Soundiatas Rebels - Tamboula 5)Caterpillar - Atjazz (Instrumental) 6)Blackcoffee feat. Bucie - Turn me On ( Blackcoffee remix ) 7)Anton Vitale - Deep Batida ( Abicah Soul mix ) 8)Noidoi - We love Circoloco ( Butch ) 9)Ezel feat. Carlos Mena & Djinji Brown - Secreto ( Instrumental )

Deep Black - St. Paper by Juan Sinmiedo