lunes, febrero 1

Juan SinMiedo @ Riviera Maya

Hey people.

Friday 5th of February, our friend Eduardo Zavala will be playing he´s smoth bizarro beats in Puerto Morelos house: Bara Bara.

Puerto Morelos is a place were people live different. A place were the interior peace and the good vibe walk together. A small and quiet town, with a beautiful beach and great nature around.

Bara Bara is the place that gets us all together. A place were elitism is no welcome. A place were everybody is the same and is there for the same reason... Dance and have a smoth time.

So after a night of fun and dancing, there´s the beach with the unique caribbean sea and the amazing reef to snorkel out. These revitalizes the body and mind.

We´ll keep you posted of night and day events @ Paradise!

For now, I leave u with these smoth set from Le Brigadier, Eduardo Z.

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