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Exclusive Interview For Juan Sinmiedo: Azari And III

Azari & III es un dúo formado por Alixander III y Dinamo Azari. Ambos son de Toronto, Canadá y se encuentran sobresaliendo en la escena musical debido a su sonido, nuevo fresco, inteligente y muy bailable. Las fusiones de ritmos, sonidos e influencias caracterizan el sonido de este dúo, que llama la atención de productores como Tensnake, Aeroplane (Vito de Luca y Stephen Fasano) y Tim Sweeney.

En Juan Sinmiedo nos damos a la tarea de presentar propuestas, de generar, de presentar proyectos interesantes y ofrecemos a nuestros lectores una entrevista con Azari & III, donde nos cuentan un poco de como son, sus miedos, lo que les gusta y lo que piensan de México...

Moments in love, soft lights of the metro night. The dream and the illusion. In the city concrete dissolves into dust, metal to rust, and from the empty darkness...Personal Interests:A cerebral yet kinetic series of forgotten emotions, wandering hopes and crystalline fantasies, sinking into the impending darkness of the city in decent. Dinamo Azari and Alixander III convene at a West End recording facility, fashioning a massive analog/8 bit sync chain into which cascades the euphonic sinister...

Azari & III: Exclusive Interview for Juan Sinmiedo:

D for Dinamo Azari
A for Alixander III

1. First thing coming to your mind when you listen the word México...
D Beach

A Aeroplane

2. Logo in Myspace? Chichen Itza Pyramids in Yucatan, Mexico....?Describe....(any special meaning for you guys?
D Ancient Power

A Future Mystery

3.Why are you guys musicians?
D Great Question

A One I Ask myself everyday

4. Five words best describing you ?
D Love

A The essence of life is in the beauty of the moment, not in the words used to describe it later.

5. Any gadgets you're in love with?

D New Macbook Pro

A 75 Chevy Nova

6. Any music in your iPod for daily activities?
D Audion, Peter Herbert, Nuerotic Drum Ensemble, New Order,

A Bot'ox, Smooth & Trigger, J&MC, Download

7. What is music for you guys?
D addiction

A compulsion

8. Preferred software (for producing porpuses)... Do you guys have a Live Act?
D Our live act depends on the event & budget unfortunately. We DJ / LIVE PA: / 5 Vocalists in total / FUll Band to take it to the next level.

A Our studio is based around an old software sequencer, a 2", a bunch of old stuff, the usual. A lot of vibe comes in the excess hiss and noise, dimensions.

9. What do you fear most ?
D 2012, burnt eggs

A Myself.

10. What advice should you have taken, but did not ?
D turn left

A Slow down.

11. Any recent extravagance you want to share with us....
D Brand new Technique 1200's

A Neve strips.

12. Anything you collect?
D My thoughts...every once and awhile.

A I got a bit of a gear problem..

13. Is there anything happening in the world that bothers you?
D Ignorance in a whole

A Id be bothered if it wasn't ending in a hurry!

14. What is your worst addiction ?
D Internet

A Control.

15. Who are your favorite heroes in real life ?
D Inventors

A Mothers

16. Album soon? Currently working in some special proyect? Projects on 2010...(Tours, Liva Acts..) Anytime soon in México??

D Reckless (With your Love) 12 inch comes out Nov 6 on Berlin's Permanent Vacation.
Album is almost done, Book us Mexico we love your beaches!

A Hungry For The Power EP and on Im A Cliche, available now. Video release next week.

17. Any colaborations as for now? Anywho you would like to work with?
D A remix of Voltage, a project coming up on Dan Whitford's (Cut Copy) label, Cutters.

A Some remixes for and from Tensnake, an Ali Love re-work.

Any aditional info you would like to share with our readers will be more than welcome....

We look forward to playing and exploring your country and culture.

Thank You Guys A Lot!
Keep it up with the great music!
Juan Sinmiedo

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