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Exclusively on Juan Sinmiedo: Sasse

Exclusively on Juan Sinmiedo: Berlin's MoodMusic Records main head: SASSE

As we try to bring talent and good music to the Juan Sinmiedo, Sasse's finest taste, smooth and straightforward music and great talent brought our attention to Berlin's MoodMusic Records. He define's himself as a hard woking, happy person with a loads of passion to music.

As we approached him, we learned behind the Record Label he manages, is a very accessible, humble, talented and chill man who is willing to share very interesting information with us….

Come on and join us!

* First thing coming to your mind when you listen the word Mexico...

Sasse: I probably think about the recent outbreak of swine flu.... But seriously
talking I´m actually hearing my favourite song from Pat Metheny called
"Sueno Con Mexico". It´s one of my all time faves and always when I hear it I
can see a small, forgotten village on the coastline of Mexico with a
sea breeze and beautiful sunny weather. It´s my dream picture of a holiday

* Have you ever been in Mexico?

Sasse: Never been in mexico, would love to come over one day to play and experience
the country.

* Why are you a musician?

Sasse: Hard to say, love of music I think.. But at the same time also the joy of
experimenting with sound in the studio.Every day is different and I love it.

* Five words best describing you ?

Sasse: Positive thinking, hard working, happy and tired ;-)

* Any gadgets you're in love with?

Sasse: Oh yes, I´m a tech freak. My studio is my temple of love when it comes to
new gadgets. Actually my number one right now is still the iPhone as it
makes my life just much easier. I think Steve Jobs have changed my life
so much, so thank you for creating the mac and the iphone. For the more
serious equipment my new toy is an old tape processor from SPL. It´s called
machine head and it is an amazing piece of gear. It simulates a tape machine
with all it´s faults and compression when recording music to tape machines,
like it was normal before the computer took the studios over. Anyways, the
Machine Head, as it´s called, is my new sound maker in the studio right now.
You can use it so creatively but still it´s almost invisible in the final

* Any music in your iPod for daily activities or for your car?

Sasse: Well to tell you the truth I´m trying not to listen to too much music on my
iPhone/iPod. Music has such an effect on me as a musician and producer that
if i want to chill I better read a book or just do nothing. If i listen to
something I have a good collection of ECM label stuff on my iPod, one of the
best labels in the world, still after almost 30 years.

* What's the concept behind music for you?

Sasse: There is none I´m afraid. I take a piece of paper and paint on it freely, so
there´s no room for concepts. It´s about the sudden ideas and inspiration of
pieces of sound that move me further when doing music. Concepts are for

* Is music relevant for humanity? Describe...

Sasse: Not sure about this, I think it has always had a place in the history and
it always will.

* What advice should you have taken, but did not ?

Sasse: My father told me always to finish my studies before doing whatever I
intended to do with my life. It´s not something I´ve been totally regretting
but it would have been nice to have my university degree finished. But I was
too busy

* Any recent extravagance you want to share with us....

Sasse: Music producers and djs have a boring life. Lots of traveling, clubs,
parties and tiredness.. Not much to tell you really.

* Nowadays, music and internet are strongly related? Is this good for music? Why?

Sasse: It´s obviously changed the way we look and think about music, and
consumption in general. I think it really has helped a lot of people to start
making music, which on the other hand is not maybe the best thing to happen,
at least in electronic music where everyone with a laptop thinks they can
release a record. For the communication, it surely is a major step comparing
to the early 90s when I started to dj and produce. For the record labels and
artists it is sad to see so many people using blogs and download portals to
steal music from us, but this is something the lawmakers has to change, not
the musicians.

"For the record labels and
artists it is sad to see so many people using blogs and download portals to
steal music from us, but this is something the lawmakers has to change, not
the musicians "

* How has internet changed the way you work?

Sasse: It´s helped me expand my work, to interact with other people and to
communicate with the media in a totally different way. So basically it has
turned the whole music business up-side down, the downturn being the online
piracy and the problems for new artists to be independent from early on.
Personally I love the way I can use the internet for my daily work but for
the music itself it has not really had an impact. Of course you are more
connected with the whole music scene nowadays but it depends on yourself
totally if you let that distract or change the way you represent your work.
Integrity is the key word here, do what you feel and sounds the best for
you. Do not listen to others.

* Anything you collect?

Sasse: I´m a avid synth collector, my love for analog synths is deep. It´s a nice
and productive way of saving some of the studio dinosaurs of the 70s and
80s. If it´s analog I want to have it. Being a bit of an expensive hobby I
try to collect only stuff I really use in the studio. Also, I´ve had some
luck in finding some great deals on old synths on eBay and on the internet
so it´s definitely one of the positive things about the whole web

* Is there anything happening in the world that bothers you?

Sasse: Surely the conflict areas of the world do bother me and the security of my
family and myself is of major interest. But really if you think about it I´m
not too stressed about things happening right now, thing´s been worse.

* What is your worst addiction ?

Sasse: Hehe, this one is good. I think I have to confess it´s my cigarette smoking.
A habit which can be called an addiction as well... Seriously, music must be
an addiction as I tend to get stressed if have breaks in being in the studio
or playing a gig.

* Who are your favorite heroes in real life ?

Sasse: Maybe I´m too much of an realist, or too old for heroes. The way I see it
there´s not much you can look up to in the politics nowadays, sports does
not interest me and my musical taste is not based on people but on music. If
there´s someone I´d like mention as an hero-alike person it´s the
ex-chancellor Helmut Schmidt from Germany who with over 80 years is still
active in the politics and media after almost 50 years of public work.
Politics are missing people like this nowadays.

* Album soon? Currently working in some special project?Projects on 2010...(Tours, Live Acts..) Anytime soon in Mexico??

Sasse: Yes, just finished a new Freestyle Man album, which will come out in
February 2010 on Hairy Claw Records in the UK. There will also be a
"classics" Freestyle Man album of the music I released in the 90s on the
Sähkö/Puu label out of Finland. For the album there will be a tour starting
in December 2009 in the US/Can - and hopefully Mexico too !

For my label Moodmusic we have 2 new album projects finished, where I´ve
been acting more as an executive producer. Nick Chacona from NYC is releasing
his debut album on Moodmusic as well the Berlin producers Penner + Muder are
releasing their debut as well on Moodmusic in spring 2010.

"My studio is my temple of love when it comes to
new gadgets. Actually my number one right now is still the iPhone as it
makes my life just much easier. I think Steve Jobs have changed my life
so much, so thank you for creating the mac and the iphone"

* Any collaborations as for now? Any who you would like to work with?

Sasse: Been in the studio a lot with James Flavour from Dirt Crew, we´ve been doing
a lot of work together so there will be a split EP on Dirt Crew Recordings
soon as well as an EP on Statra Records out of NYC.

For my next Sasse album, which I start working on in the new year, I want to
collaborate with a lot of people, and work with more vocalists and musicians.
So I´m on a lookout for new collaborators as well as hopefully working with
some people I´ve worked with in the past as well.

* Any additional info you would like to share with our readers will be more than welcome....

Sasse: Hmm, not really. I wish to come soon to Mexico!!!

Best, sasse

Before we say bye, get fully served with this phenomenal mix from Klas. Jump dance and get nasty!!

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